New Teachers Helping New Teachers: Preservice Peer Coaching / #855-1272

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New Teachers Helping New Teachers: Preservice Peer Coaching / #855-1272


New Teachers Helping New Teachers: Preservice Peer Coaching gives teacher educators an important new method for encouraging reflective thinking and professional growth in preservice teachers. Through peer coaching, new teachers offer each other valuable feedback as they try out teaching techniques in the classroom.

This book includes several scenarios that take us through the lesson planning, execution and observation, feedback, reflection, and assessment which make up the peer coaching process. With constructive feedback, peer coaches build each other's self-assurance as effective teachers.

While designed with preservice teachers in mind, this peer coaching method works equally well as a development tool for new teachers. supervisory/cooperating teachers and teacher educators at universities alike gain practical insights and effective methods for guiding both preservice teachers and teachers new on the job.

Includes a "New Teachers Peer Coaching Workbook" that makes application of the method easy for both supervisors and peer coaches.

"I am impressed with New Teachers Helping New Teachers. As far as I know, there is no other book quite like it. Preservice peer coaching is a very interesting idea that I think has real merit.

  --Richard D. Robinson, Professor of Education 

   University of Missouri-Columbia

About the Authors

Elizabeth A. McAllister is Associate Professor of Elementary Education at Towson State University in Maryland. Her publications include Peer Teaching and Collaborative Learning in the Language arts (ERIC/RCS, 1990) and Learning together: Collaboration for Active Learning in the Elementary Language Arts (ERIC/REC, 1995).

Gloria A. Neubert is Professor of Education at Towson State University. She is the author of Improving Teaching through Coaching (PDK, 1988) and co-author of Inductive Reasoning in the Secondary School (NEA, 1992).


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