a commitment to critical thinking / #101-1014


a commitment to critical thinking / #101-1014


How to Use this Book-

Our understanding of critical thinking and critical reading changes as our theories change. When we thought critical thinking was analogous to problem solving, we encourage problem solving in our classrooms. When we thought critical thinking could be categorized into a set of logical skills, we engaged in cause and effect activities and other exercises that raised our sights above the mere retrieving of information. when we thought that we could not distinguish critical thinking from other thinking, we simply read books and discussed them.

More recently we have restated our belief in the need to teach critical thinking and develop in our students an attitude that challenges ideas and values, an attitude that is essential to thinking critically. In other words we need to define critical thinking and commit ourselves to thinking critically.

This book reviews definitions and helps you in a personal review of critical thinking. It gives you ways to challenge your students chapter by chapter. As you decide how you want to approach critical reading you may want to try the ideas in each chapter to see which ones work best for your students.

This book could give focus to inservice discussions where you and your colleagues test ideas against your collective experiences. As you share new and old ideas, you refine your concepts and are likely to re-read critically.

There are two major resources in the second half of this book. There are numerous critical thinking/reading activities for classroom use. There is also a section of annotations for additional practice and for personal development. The activities are clearly labeled and designed for classroom or tutoring use. The annotated bibliography includes recent conference papers and journal articles. The annotations alone give you ideas you can use even before you decide whether or not you want to pursue the whole article.

Whether you are refining your own definition or are looking for critical reading resources, we encourage you to send us your ideas for improving critical thinking in the classroom.

                                          CBS, Bloomington, 1991

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